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Current Job Openings at Roto-Rooter Huntsville

Environmental Technician

An environmental technician cleans, pumps or removes wastewater and sludge from septic systems, grease traps, wash pits and catch basins with a vacuum truck. These trucks require a Commercial Drivers License with a tanker endorsement. Roto-Rooter is a pumping contractor that is licensed by the municipality and required to dispose of these materials at an approved facility. The sludge and scum removed from the septic tank or holding tank system is then transported to the appropriate disposal facilities. The technician may also repair or replace septic field lines, install tank cleanouts, and replace access lids. They may also conduct inspections of the waste and drainage field. They are required to keep records of the maintenance and repair work they do, and submit inspection reports.

Journeyman or Master Plumber

A Journeyman or Master plumber is licensed by the State of Alabama to carry out the following responsibilities:

  • Assess clients plumbing needs

  • Evaluate different options for plumbing systems and solutions

  • Install, repair, or improve piping and fixtures according to current codes

  • Install new plumbing systems or repair existing systems, such as water heaters, re-pipes, filtration systems and service lines

  • Support and troubleshoot equipment issues

The following skills are basic to successful employment:

  • Strong customer service orientation

  • Able to communicate effectively with customers, dispatch and management

  • Maintains a clean and organized company vehicle

  • Detail oriented and completes paperwork thoroughly

  • Able to pass driving record check, background check, and drug test

Following are minimum Job requirements for application:

  • High School Diploma or GED Certificate preferred

  • Minimum Licensed Journeyman Plumber

  • Valid Driver’s License in state of employment

  • 1 to 3 years prior experience preferred

Apprentice Plumber

The apprenticeship position begins with learning and performing basic and advanced sewer and drain cleaning. The apprentice must have excellent math skills, manual dexterity and the ability to use the tools of the plumbing trade. This may include everything from Roto-Rooter drain machines to high-velocity water jetters, augers, drills, and other hand and power tools used in the performance of plumbing services. An apprentice must be able to apply deductive reasoning to solve problems. This requires the ability to listen very carefully and communicate effectively if there are any issues caused by an apprentice's lack of experience. The apprentice will be exposed to plumbing mechanics under the supervision of a licensed plumber. Minimum apprenticeship is two years, during which the apprentice is taught skills and required codes necessary to the plumbing trade. This preparation qualifies the apprentice for the State licensing exam.